A Low-cost Thermo-electrochemical Capacitor (TEC) to Convert Waste Heat to Electricity

The University of Hong Kong Background

Waste heat to power market will cross USD 30 billion by 2024, as reported in the latest study by Global Market Insights, Inc.
Currently available heat-to-current technologies are low efficiency overall
Existing use of electricity generated from the heat-to-current technologies device requires energy storage devices, such as batteries and super-capacitors 

Technology Overview

TEC can be used in rechargeable devices which allow direct storage of the electric energy generated by heating. A combination of both energy generator (heat to current) and energy storage.
Simple design with the flexibility in its application for various type of products
TEC eliminates the hot and cold temperature gap, increasing efficiency by using isothermal operation, ie. without going through the process of cycling through two temperature extremes and involving relatively high rates of change, which enables the whole operation to be under constant temperature and effective heat recuperation (50-70%) 
TEC provides a more efficient and cost-effective in low-grade heat regime


Solar heat, human body or waste heat recovery for off-grid applications
Self-powered devices 
Wearable / flexible electronics

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