A Method to Localize Small and High Contrast Inclusions in Ill-Posed Model-Based Imaging Modalities

Northeastern University Background
The proposed invention describes a unique image reconstruction technique that was specifically developed to image small, high-contrast objects, such as a tumor inside tissue. With this image reconstruction technique, Northeastern researchers have been able to dramatically enhance the property contrast of tumors and abnormal inclusions by 50- to 100-fold.
Technology Overview
The proposed method is extremely effective in revealing small and high-contrast inclusions, which is essential in tumor detection and other functional imaging scenarios, particularly early detection. The technique is different from previous methods, which focus on recovering the entire images without looking for specific image features.
Northeastern researchers have demonstrated 50x-100x tumor-to-normal contrast with this imaging reconstruction technique; in comparison, conventional methods can only bring 50%-2x improvement at most, which is much lower than the expected image contrast due to ill-posedness of the inverse problem.

Improved imaging
Detects smaller sized tumors
Greater sensitivity


Biomedical devices


Research Collaboration

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