A Platform for Creating and Managing Behavioral Studies

Northeastern University Background
As human behavior has moved online, so too have behavioral research methods, whether fundamental research, or applied research, like digital product testing, market testing, and digital health. However, existing software solutions do not allow researchers and scientists to effectively create and conduct behavioral studies online. The current market for behavioral research software is fragmented. There is software for creating experiments, software for recruiting participants, and software for managing and engaging with participants. However, these different software products cannot be linked together in an efficient and cost-effective way. Most currently available platforms are marketed towards universities and students for academic research, and many are limited to psychology or economic applications. Behavioral studies that include multi-person interaction, or “group experiments” are especially challenging in the online space.
Technology Overview
Volunteer Science provides a fully integrated platform for behavioral research, providing the tools for study design, recruitment, and management, all in a single solution. The platform enables the ability to build highly customizable studies. Whether large group experiments, longitudinal surveys, studies incorporating social media data, crowd tasks, or digital stimuli studies, users are provided the tools to customize the study that fits their specific needs. The GDPR-compliant subject management system makes it easy to communicate with, and manage study participants. Unlike existing communication management platforms, the Volunteer Science system provides direct integration with data from scientific experiments. This allows researchers to utilize information including demographic data, participant quality metrics, and psychological measurements, enabling the recruitment of participants based on a high degree of customized targeting. This platform can be used both for university research, and across industries for marketing, advertising, and product development.
The core product offered is a cloud-based Software as a Service for creating online studies, and recruiting and managing participants. Volunteer Science offers monthly subscriptions for university researchers, students, and companies. There are varying levels of membership based on the needs of the user.

Full integration of study design, management, and recruitment
High level of control in participant recruitment
Highly flexible study design
Administer studies to broader audiences
Designed to meet the needs of industry
Administer large group studies with ease


Market research
Product Development
Academic research
Polling companies


Idea validation through customer discovery
Testing and validating MVP with pilot partner(s)

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