A Simulation Platform for MRI Scanners

Lund University Background
Insufficient MRI scanner training can result in low quality scans, which risks misdiagnoses and in turn mistreatments. More, higher quality and recurring MRI training is needed to keep operators up to date. However, MRI training is costly, in-flexible and difficult to scale. By utilizing a powerful simulation platform on the cloud, customers have access to cost-efficient MRI training, available any time from anywhere in the world.
Technology Overview
corsMED’s solution is coreMRI (Cloud ORiented Engine for advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging simulations), which can be considered as a virtual MRI scanner delivered as a web service through an advanced cloudbased and GPU-based (Graphics Processing Unit) simulation platform. The platform is ready for it’s first demo with 50 potential customers, booked in May 2019, which will provide feedback and input to finalise front-end. TRL is ~7, with a working platform that we currently develop more features and use-cases for.
Cost-efficient, cutting costs of alternatives by 50-80 %

Flexible, always available from anywhere in the world
Scalable, runs through the cloud and can accommodate any number of users

First markets (MRI training):

Universities giving education in MRI scanning
MRI clinics educating their staff and operators (radiologists, radiographers, etc.)

Next use cases:

Research in Academia and product development
AI and Quantitative MRI
Accuracy and speed improvement in Clinical MRI

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