Activated Human Collagen Biomaterial for Connective Tissue Repair

Northeastern University Background
Collagen serves as the premier, load-bearing molecule in humans and animals, and is one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This abundant protein helps to support and repair damaged tissue. However, the medical community has struggled to fully leverage the power of collagen for use in everything from connective tissue repair to wound care, due to challenges ranging from stability and delivery to scalability of production.
Rapid repair and strengthening of injured or degenerated connective tissue is a major unmet need within ortho-musculoskeletal treatment and conservatively represents a $14 Billion market annually in the US alone. Further, the global wound care market has been valued at over $20 Billion and demand for wound care products continues to grow based on the increasing number of surgical cases and the rising prevalence of diabetes and other chronic diseases. 
Technology Overview
Northeastern spinout BrilliantStrings Therapeutics has developed an Active Human Collagen biomaterial (AHC) capable of repairing injured or degenerated connective tissue, including damage to rotator cuffs, and MCL/ACL’s. The platform can also be used for wound care treatment. The company has developed both a process to manufacture the AHC at scale, and a packaging and delivery system to effectively target the damaged site for repair. The potentially game changing impact for AHC, is that it can be both an autonomous agent of active repair, and a platform that will support and deliver accessory healing biologics. This unique differentiator, where the platform is itself a powerful healer can turbo-charge healing for a range of difficult to treat conditions within and outside the orthopedic space. 

Strengthening of injured or age degenerated connective tissue
Rapid repair
Superior healing outcomes
Utilizes novel delivery system to effectively target injured site
Unique method of production allows for scalability


Rotator cuff, meniscus, ACL repair
Treatment of tendinitis
Wound care (chronic wounds and ulcers)

 Testing and validating MVP with pilot partner(s), Connecting with prospective investors

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