Active Aerodynamics Mitigation & Power Production System – IP 1334

FIU inventors have designed a system to simultaneouslyreduce wind damage and provide power to buildings, homes, and otherconstruction structures. Wind damage to homes and buildings is primarily causedby uplift forces caused by wind. Damage caused by wind may also allow for waterintrusion and therefore, water damage. This technology uses a lightweight minihelicoidal wind turbine attached to a roof gutter, or to a roof edge if no roofgutter is available, attenuating wind induced suction (negative pressures) andalso providing green energy in the form of wind energy that can be stored inbatteries or can be used through net metering. The system can also beintegrated into wall edges/corners of buildings and other structures to reducewind induced suction generated by separated flows and vortices. This technologywould alleviate financial burdens due to damage caused by wind and waterintrusion. This aerodynamic system has been successfully tested incomputational simulations as well as with a prototype in the laboratory. Bothsaw a significant reduction in wind suction and generation of power byharvesting wind energy. Shantanu Balkundi 305-348-8061

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