Adjustable Connection for Structural Member

University of Notre Dame Background
In architecture, structural engineering, and construction, connections between structural members are typically individually designed for each joint in each structure. Structural members are affixed together in a variety of ways including bolts, rivets, welds, and sometimes incorporating plates. Individually creating each connection in each structure, which is typically one-of-a-kind, results in significant inefficiencies in structural design, fabrication, and erection.
Technology Overview
Researchers from the University of Notre Dame and HNTB Corporation have developed an adjustable structural connection that can be adjusted to alter the location and angle of member attachment. The adjustable structural connection connects a diagonal member to a vertical or horizontal member using either curved plate mounted to both of the structural members or a temporarily rotatable link.The connections consist of cold-bent steel plates with specific bend angles and curvature and gusset plates. The connection can connect members at 30, 40, 50, or 60 degrees.
From these angles various geometric shapes and different joints can be created and used in the construction of both one-of-a-kind structures or modular structures. Prefabrication of connections will improve erection efficiency.
Stage of Development
TRL 4 – Lab Validation

Improves efficiency of connecting structural members
Prefabrication in controlled facilities, resulting in reduced costs and increased quality standards
Application for both one-of-a-kind structures and modular structures
Adjustable connections at variable angles

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