AI-Driven Customer Journey Intelligence

University of Toronto Technology Overview
Emerging from data analytics research at U of T in both the Faculty of Information and the Faculty of Computer Science, the technology is a suite of AI‑powered tools that facilitates the exploration, analysis, summarization, and optimization of a customer journey, from awareness to purchase.
The novel, intuitive, scalable, secure, AI-SaaS platform offers:

Simple data ingestion
Easily integrate data sources that capture customer activities including CRM, event logs, ERP, customer experience touchpoints, and more.

Customer Insights
Visualize data-driven customer journeys and segments, while setting specific goals to identify the best way to “reroute” customer journeys towards an optimal path.

Predict user engagement, churn or next best action and who is most likely to abandon their journey and why.

Drive actions directly back to your CRM, Customer Experience, Omnichannel Marketing Automation tools.

Customer Segmentation
Goal-Setting Visualizations

Enterprises are a collection of disparate systems (CRM, Support, Billing, etc.) that capture nearly every customer activity. The problems with analyzing the data in these existing systems include:

Manual work
Labour heavy
Full of bias
Primarily Conducted by large consulting firms

Data integration
No easy way to access and integrate customer-relevant data across disparate sources

Taking action from insight
No simple tools for predicting customer behavior and triggering actions to change the course of a customer’s journey

A startup, ODAIA, has been formed to commercialize the technology. See more: ODAIA Raises $1.6 Million in Seed Funding Co-led by Panache and StandUp

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