An Optimized Stall-Cautious Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Heuristic For Mobile Networks

University College Cork Background
Streaming video continues to grow and with the pervasiveness of handheld devices, most users now rely on these devices in their day-to-day activities, particularly for watching video. The ability to adapt the streamed video quality in HTTP-based streaming systems is an attractive feature that resonates with the inherent variability in mobile video systems however, streaming good video quality, especially over wireless, should overcome the highly variable operating conditions that span both network channel and compressed video characteristics.
This technology is targeted at mobile/wireless networks but can be generally applied in any packet network with variable delivery performance.
Technology Overview
This technology represents advanced adaptation logic for HTTP streaming applications. Our design integrates an advanced model for network throughput and optimized quality selection engine. Both components are light-weight to suit the capabilities of handheld devices.
In HTTP streaming systems, the video is split into multiple small duration chunks, known as segments, that are requested from the content distribution networks (CDN) using HTTP. The streaming client downloads the segments sequentially and can adapt the quality of downloaded segments according to its adaptation algorithms. The state-of-the-art in adaptive streaming algorithms can be generally classified as buffer-based, rate-based, and hybrid strategies ‑ all with their own challenges. This technology avoids the issues typically presented by these algorithms, providing for a quality streaming experience.

The optimisation of any video streaming device to provide for an quality user experience.

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This technology is available for licensing and research collaboration.

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