Antimicrobial poly(guanylurea)s – IP 1806

Antimicrobial drug resistance has emerged rapidly and thwarted treatmentoptions, leading to prolonged illness, disability, and death. Despiteconsiderable efforts to develop new antimicrobial drugs, many bacterialinfections remain difficult to treat due to acquired drug resistance. Comparedto small molecular antibiotics designed to interrupt the bacterial intracellularbiochemical processes, antimicrobial polymers disrupt the membrane integrity,offering a promising strategy to overcome drug resistance. Bacteria have littlechance of developing resistance mechanism against the physical disruption, whichoften leads to cell death. FIU inventors have developed a new class of linear polymers containing positivelycharged guanylurea backbones. Compared with most antimicrobial polymers withpositively charged side chains, the new polymer design introduces both positivecharge and hydrophobicity into the flexible polymer backbones. The initial structure−activity relationship studies demonstrate thatpoly-(guanylurea piperazine)s (PGU-Ps) exhibit excellent antimicrobial activityagainst different types of bacteria with high selectivity. The simplicity ofpolymerization without requiring any catalysts or specialized conditions, theavailability of numerous commercial amines, and the biocompatible guanylurea functionalgroups are clear advantages over the existing materials. The new design conceptprovides a promising method toward the realization of potent antimicrobialpolymers exhibiting high selectivity over mammalian cells and/or high specificitytoward a target microorganism. Anne Laure Schmitt Olivier 305-348-5948

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