Bacterial topoisomerase I inhibitors – IP 1517

Microbial pathogens are becoming increasingly resistant tocurrent antibiotics, limiting the availability of clinical treatment optionsfor bacterial infections. It is imperative to develop novel classes ofantibacterial compounds, preferably against a new target, to avoidcross-resistance. Clinically, topoisomerase enzymes represent attractive andsuccessful targets for anticancer and antibacterial chemotherapy. Bacterialtopoisomerase I is a novel topoisomerase target that is essential for theviability of pathogens including mycobacteria, Helicobacter pylori andPseudomonas aeruginosa. Researchers at FIU and the University of Hawai‘i havesynthesized fluoroquinophenoxazine analogs and demonstrated their activities astopoisomerase I inhibitors and bactericidal antibacterial agents. Anne Laure Schmitt Olivier 305-348-5948

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