C2007-12 – Titanic Nanowires Embedded Into a Macro Titanium Plate

Technology # 07-12 A Novel Embedded Nanowire Plate System/technology Researchers have developed a simple method of fabricating a tough coating of titanate nanowire bioscaffolds on a solid titanium substrate. As titanium is a biocompatible material, the new titanate nanowire surface opens the possibility of medical applications. The bottom of the nanowires are embedded into a macro-scale titanium plate, and then grow together at their top ends to produce a bioscaffold with interconnected macropores of 2-10 micrometers. The mesh mimics the natural extracellular matrix and exhibits good cellular compatibility, mechanical toughness, and structural robustness. The porous coating has potential for developing new tissue regeneration, drug delivery, and photocatalysis nanotechnologies. Technology Ventures ventures@uark.edu 479-575-7243

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