C2008-05 – Modeling Non-Linear Behavior of Analog Circuits

Technology # 08-05 Invention/Software Models the behavior of non-linear analog electrical circuits ASCEND is the name of a software code that models the behavior of non-linear analog electrical circuits. As the complexity and performance criteria of analog and mixed-signal systems are steadily increased, behavioral modeling methods are commonly used by design engineers for rapid higher-level simulations. Behavioral models have the potential of faster simulation speed without loss of accuracy for given performance specifications. ASCEND has the unique ability to model the non-linear behavior of circuits. Non-linear dynamic effects can be included in ASCEND models, greatly improving the simulation results of circuits that are highly dependent on such behavior to achieve their function A novel approach for effectively identifying and modeling nonlinear dynamic behavior Of analog circuits is presented in this invention. A modeling tool, Ascend, has been implemented based on this approach. A subset of nodes in the original circuit is identified for modeling nonlinear dynamics by the developed identification technique. Compared to other methods, the behavioral models are more accurate as a result of capturing nonlinear phenomena. This invention/software is available for licensing. For interested parties seeking further information, feel free to contact: Mark Allen Lanoue Technology Manager / Tech Ventures University of Arkansas (479) 575-7243 malanoue@uark.edu Technology Ventures ventures@uark.edu 479-575-7243

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