C2008-19 – Online Cooperative Education/Internship Mangaement System (OCMS)

Technology # 09-19 An automated work flow tool that uses web forms and an SQL server to manage data The OCMS is a web-based email-scheduled automated work flow tool that uses web forms and an SQL server to manage data. The OCMS allows students to submit a request to be enrolled into the Cooperative Education Course. Students complete a short online form that provides a basic student profile including contact information, major, level, as well as some basic company information including company name, location and a company contact. Once this form has been completed a system generated email is sent to the employer contact. The employer is given information in the email that the student is in the process of enrolling for cooperative work study education, and that the employer needs to provide some detailed information before the student can be approved for enrollment. The employer is given a list of information requested in the text of the email and provided a hyperlink to an online form to complete the information. This solution has eliminated waste and has dramatically streamlined the process of cooperative education for the students, employers, faculty, and staff. This invention/software is available for licensing. For interested parties seeking further information, feel free to contact: Mark Allen Lanoue Technology Manager / Tech Ventures University of Arkansas (479) 575-7243 malanoue@uark.edu Technology Ventures ventures@uark.edu 479-575-7243

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