C2018-15 – High-frequency Multi-Pulse Inkjet

Technology # 18-15 A Novel High-Frequency Multi-Pulse Ink Jet This technology is meant to significantly increase the printing speed of the piezoelectric ink jet printheads. It brings the following benefits: 1. It can increase the printing frequency to allow each nozzle to produce more droplets per second without sacrificing the printing resolution. 2. It can allow more nozzles to be packed into the printhead and thus increase the overall printing speed of the printhead. 3. This technology can be readily used in existing piezoelectric ink jet printheads, which reduces the cost of adoption. This invention/technology is available for licensing. For interested parties seeking further information, feel free to contact: Mark Allen Lanoue Technology Manager / Tech Ventures University of Arkansas (479) 575-7243 malanoue@uark.edu Technology Ventures ventures@uark.edu 479-575-7243

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