C2019-09 – Conditional Phase Gate for Photonic Qubits

Technology # 19-09 We present a design for a quantum logical gate between single photons (specifically, a conditional phase gate) with the following properties: * It is deterministic in principle (photon losses would make it probabilistic, but the failure probability can be reduced exponentially fast by adopting a redundant strategy). * It is completely passive, requiring no external fields to manipulate the device at any stage (no energy consumption). * It does not rely on or require the assistance of quantum memories or any kind of nonlinear optical device. * It has no moving parts; it could be built on a chip using already existing solid-state technology. * It acts on‚ flying photons‚ (does not require storage and retrieval): the photons would just pass through the device flying in opposite directions and acquire a 1/2 phase shift whenever both of them are present (relative to the case where only one of them is). Technology Ventures ventures@uark.edu 479-575-7243

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