C2019-15 – Additively manufactured, non-conducting, convective heat removal device

Technology # 19-15 A novel technology for non-conducting convective heat removal. With regards to cooling down high-powered electronics, there is a constant battle between power and weight. Ideally, we strive to achieve a powerful system while maintaining a low profile; however, in reality this extra power creates a need for more efficient cooling systems. Generally, these systems, such as cold plates and heat sinks, are heavy and provide non-uniform cooling across the heat-generating devices. Reliability is therein reduced due to inconsistent damage across the system. The non-metallic localized heat-spreading device addresses both of these issues. First, the non-metallic material composition minimizes the weight needed for adequate cooling. Additionally, by using non-metals, we can avoid EMI resonance typically present with conventional techniques. Secondly, the localized heat spreading capability increases the reliability of an electrical system by decreasing maximum hot-spot temperatures and creating uniform thermal distributions. Therefore we can predict with greater confidence how a system degrades overtime and reduce how often electrical components need replacing. Technology Ventures ventures@uark.edu 479-575-7243

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