C2019-23 – The Great Cellular Reef(TM)

Technology # 19-23 A Fun and Novel approach to teaching mitochondrial function and its relationship to different organelles within a cell The game is fun for all levels of players and allows them to learn fun and useful facts related to cell anatomy and physiology with a mix of historical and trivia based learning as well. It plays much like other traditional board games with the objective of making learning fun. Great Cellular Reef (TM) is a science based strategy game that aims to teach the inner workings of the cell, the importance of energy for our living, in a fun and interactive manner. This card game is an excellent teaching tool that allows players to better understand the importance of mitochondria within the cell, role or specific organelles and their function in impacting human health. The Great Cellular Reef (TM) is unique in its use of science, art and graphics and integrates well with school curriculums and learning objectives. Engaging for both adults and children, targeted players of this game are middle and high school students and families. Technology Ventures ventures@uark.edu 479-575-7243

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