C2019-45 – Recipe for Cost-Efficient Freshly Excised Breast Tissue Phantoms for Medical Imaging Using Terahertz Technology

Technology #19-45 This invention is for the field of medical imaging using the new terahertz technology. Testing new medical imaging technologies on freshly excised human or animal breast tumors is not practical or even feasible, in addition of being highly costly. It requires a huge amount of tissues to establish a systematic methodology, calibrate the imaging system, train students and technical staff to produce and interpret images, explore new methods to collect data, etc. Obtaining human breast tumors is challenging particularly for researchers outside medical settings. Working with tumors obtained from animal models is time consuming where tumors need to be grown in mice, for examples, and that takes months. Therefore, we came up with the idea of developing breast tumors tissue phantoms that mimic freshly excised breast tumors from the electrical properties and elasticity aspects. We developed 3D printed models to make 3D tumors of heterogeneous structure similar to human tumors where cancerous, fatty, and healthy tissues are mingled together. Our phantom tissues cost around 8-13 cents compared to 300-400 US dollar for freshly excised human tumor of the same size. Technology Ventures ventures@uark.edu 479-575-7243

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