Comet Assay Slide Chilling Plate – IP 1543

FIU inventors have custom designed and manufactured chilling plates that can accommodate 26 Comet Assay slides and expedite the Comet Assay process by allowing rapid solidification of the low melting point agarose on the slides. Once the agarose gels solidify, the Chilling Plate facilitates easy retrieval of the slides without any of them sticking to the metal plate due to condensation. The flexible design exploits the use of cooling packs eliminating the need for an ice machine or an electronic cooling system. This highly compact design makes the Chilling Plates stackable, which saves valuable bench space. The current method frequently involves researchers sourcing sheet metal, and precariously balancing this on large trays of ice, which unbalances the metal sheet as it melts. Shantanu Balkundi 305-348-8061

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