Coroviz A location sharing App to combat COVID 19

Why a mobile app? • COVID-19 is invisible and fast spreading with a long incubation period • Contact tracing plays an important role in containing COVID-19 • Ubiquitous Technology (I.e., a smartphone app) enables easy and accurate contact tracing Obstacles • Privacy issue • Balancing public-health benefits & privacy risks • Receiving consent from each app user member • Dealing with vast data (to be collected and shared) • Success of contact tracing hinges on collective action Are people willing to share their location information with others? Regardless the respondents’ cultural background, large majority of them were willing to share their location information, as long as their privacy was protected. Challenges • Visualization to communicate clearly • Application of Data Democratization Idea • Potential outliers (Possibly unreliable responses) Darren Fast (204) 298.1563

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