CSPonD: Concentrated Solar Power on Demand

Problem: -Alternative energy storage -Elimination of solar tower -Significant thermal energy loss of conventional solar boilers -High capital costs in building heavy solar boilers Technology: The system is designed to absorb concentrated solar radiation in a molten eutectic salt. The liquid salt is contained in an insulated crucible with an aperture for entry of concentrated light. The salt serves as a volumetric energy absorber, an energy storage medium, a high temperature heat transfer fluid, and a suspending fluid for absorptive nanoparticles. The system efficiently absorbs solar radiation through the volume of molten salt and retains the energy for gradual release into a heat exchange system. The typical operating temperature of the device is 600。C to 1000。C. The device can be combined with solar collection apparatus and heat exchanging mechanisms. Christopher Noble crn@mit.edu

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