Cyclic Molecules with Antifungal Properties

Penn State University Technology Overview
Compounds of ring systems, 2,3-Diaryl-2,3-dihydro-4H-1,3-thiazin-4-ones and 2,3-Diaryl-1,3-thiazepan-4-ones, have been successfully prepared, along with their respective S-oxides.

Stage of Development

Technology Readiness Level (TRL): 4‑7

Antifungal testing of six 2,3-diphenyl-1,3-thiaza-4-ones shows that some compounds have activity against two fungi (Cryptococcus neoformans & Sedosporium prolificans) that is comparable to or better than fluconazole, and without significant cytotoxicity.
S-oxides of these compounds may be used for muscle relaxants and anti-anxiety. Other potential uses include tumor inhibition and HIV-RT inhibition.
Researchers have made small quantities of dozens of compounds and are seeking screening partners.

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