DASH-SAFE: A Multi-Modal GIS-Based Real-Time COVID Risk Assessment, Management, & Navigation Tool (UA21-048)

This invention is a COVID risk assessment tool that provides real time feedback, maps out potential areas of risk, and provides users potential routes around those areas on university campuses. The dashboard provides real time feedback to administrators, students, and visitors. The feedback uses survey results for areas where people aren?t following virus mitigation techniques, building facilities information like ventilation and humidity, movement data, and positive test cases. The dashboard serves as an information hub for risk assessment and mitigation for campuses at large. Furthermore, this dashboard would provide information for individuals to assess their own risk. Background: The problem surrounding COVID-19 and other viruses is a lack of information. Public and private policy for large groups of people are created, in large part, based on the idea of risk and reward. The multi-variable analysis required for assessing risk lacks the necessary variables. For example, number of people in certain locations, ventilation in specific buildings, number of positive cases in dormitories, number of people social distancing or wearing masks etc. And, even if that information is collectible, there is a large time gap between collecting the information and assessing the information. This technology is a solution to the real time information gap. Real time risk assessment for those who make policy and for those who are on campus weighing their own risk and reward. This allows people to make the decisions that are right for them. Much like applications that allow drivers to chart a path around events like accidents, this dashboard allows individuals to chart their path around risky situations, and therefore mitigating risk for individuals and groups alike. Learn more at https://bit.ly/UA21-048 Anne Spieth annes@tla.arizona.edu 520-626-1577

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