Device and Method for Measuring Antimicrobial Activity of Gas

Korea University Background
Since research on antimicrobials in gas phase has been insufficient, a standardized method to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of gas has not been developed yet.
As a desperate measure, researchers have measured a minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and a minimal lethal concentration (MLC) of gas by modifying methods of measuring antimicrobial activities of antimicrobial materials in liquid phase.
Here, since standardized experimental conditions are not established in conventional methods, even though the same antimicrobial gas is measured by the same method, a minimal inhibitory concentration is measured to be different depending on the details of the experimental conditions.
Technology Overview
An antimicrobial activity measuring device that provides a standardized antimicrobial activity measuring technology
– A lower container having a gas for containing an antimicrobial substance and an upper container for accommodating a microorganism medium in contact with the gaseous antimicrobial substance.
Through the contact of the microbe medium containing the PH indicator with the antimicrobial substance in the gas phase, the antimicrobial activity of the gas is determined by the color of the microbial culture medium which changes.
After fixing the upper container and the lower container through the fixing part, the mixture was incubated at 30 ° C for 48 hours, and the color of the medium of the upper container was checked to determine the minimal inhibitory (). As a result, microorganisms did not proliferate because E,F, and G were purple, and E with the lowest concentration of cinnamon showed the minimum inhibitory concentration. In other words, this technology can observe the growth of microorganisms objectively through color change of microorganism medium containing pH indicator.
Standardized and objective antimicrobial activity measuring technology:

Objectively identify the growth of microbes using color change of microbe medium including a pH indicator
This is differentiated from the conventional method of measuring an antimicrobial activity of a gas in which it is necessary to subjectively determine growth and development of microbes through a change in size of an inhibitory zone or a change in size of a microbe colony (cluster) on a surface on which microbes are applied.

Improved accuracy of antimicrobial activity measurement:

Observing the growth of microbe objectively through color change of the microbe medium, and the gaseous antimicrobial substance can contact the microbe at a constant concentration.

Improved speed of antimicrobial activity measurement:

It has been suggested that the antimicrobial activity of various concentrations of antimicrobial substances can be measured simultaneously since a plurality of lower containers and upper containers are provided.

The present invention is applied to the field of measuring antimicrobial activity of a gas.
The global antimicrobial market is expected to reach USD 2.3 billion by 2016, with an average annual growth rate expected to be about 14.22%.
The domestic antimicrobial market is expected to reach USD 21.9 million by 2016, with an average annual growth rate is expected to be about 11.4%.
– Built in laboratory environment.

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