Device for Cosmetic Skin Treatment – IP 1522

Magneticstimulation has been shown to induce micro-currents and ion movement in tissueto activate and rebalance damaged cells for skin repair. Low intensity PEMF hasbeen proven to stimulate Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which significantlyaffects both collagen production and blood circulation. These two factorssignificantly help in improving skin complexion and appearance. FIUinventors have developed device for cosmeticskin treatment that will allow users to have younger looking, healthy, smootherand firmer skin. This technology implements a low cost hardware design thatuses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to treat the skin in order to improveits appearance. The device can produce frequencies in a low range to avoid anyheating action, making it safe for personal use. The low frequency pulsedelectromagnetic fields that this novel technology emits, have the potential toinfluence the healing process of the delicate skin located on the face. Shantanu Balkundi 305-348-8061

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