Electronic Tattoos

Research students and innovators from California are developing wearable technology that looks and competes with….tattoos. Yes you read that right, tats. Using a technology that integrates electronic sensors and elastomeric sheets. Let me save you a google search (as I just did one), elastomeric refers to a rubber like polymer that is flexible, and it has been turned into super thin sheets that can be worn like a sleeve and have the appearance of a tattoo (unfortunately Tribal Arm Band isn’t an option yet).

Now, the technology isn’t full developed as its insanely hard to fit all of the electronic components and technology into something as thin as a sleeve, but progress is definitely being made. According to UC San Diego, they’ve got it down to the “millimeter scale”. It’s not completely up to speed, but when they’ve got the tramp stamp fully developed, I’ll be the first to let you know.

If you want more information, reach out to the folk at University of California Sand Diego at 858-534-5815 or licensing@ucsd.edu

Original Listing: https://univation.co/monolithic-integration-of-ultra-scaled-high-performance-pin-size-wearable-electronics/

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