Epidemic Predictive Model (EpiGro) (UA16-052)

This software models and predicts epidemics in Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) countries using Chikungunya and dengue incidence. It has an easy-to-usegraphical user interface (GUI), and can be used to monitor COVID-19. The open source software download is availableat https://bit.ly/TLA-EpiGro.Background:This software uses a mathematic model based on the 2014-2015 Chikungunya epidemic, which allows users to model and forecast the outbreak and movement of vector-borne disease in PAHO countries. While forecasts are mesoscopic (for an individual country), the model is robustenough for data ?noise reduction? and for country categorization based upon disease incidence rates.Learn more at https://bit.ly/UA16-052 Anne Spieth annes@tla.arizona.edu 520-626-1577

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