Facilitated Organic Synthesis via Solid Chromatographic Stationary Phase (09058)

Faster, cheaper, and more efficient organic synthesis process using silica gel cartridges pre-packed in plastic column; Versatile system that can be prepared for more than one type of chemical reaction through modification of the silica gel support. Has applications for Flow Reaction Systems, production of common organic compounds, enzyme-substrate catalysis, and pharmaceutical drug design and synthesis. Traditional lab methods of chemical synthesis have been used for over 100 years and are slow, tedious and difficult to automate. Chemical synthesis lies at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry and drug discovery research. Yet, it remains a labor intensive and time consuming process. Efficiency is low and the syntheses can be a hazardous process that uses toxic, non-recyclable reagents/ catalysts and solvents. To address these problems, researchers at the University of Louisville have developed an organic chromatographic flow reaction system with interchangeable silica gel reaction cartridges. The system incorporates stationary phase chromatography and chemical synthesis into a modified chromatography column. The columns contain pre-packed silica gel, which acts as a scaffold for polarity-based bonding to occur and the reaction of interest to be completed. This stationary equipment system supports production of catalysts and reagents, which are incorporated to silica gel. Rob Smith robert.smith.6@louisville.edu 502-852-3027

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