Guided Auto Correcting Target Aiming

Automatically adjusting target aiming is a relatively niche field with few and far between affordable solutions for a device that can easily be used in any projectile based application for automatic aiming with a high degree of accuracy. Because of the relatively low amount of solutions, there exists a need for this type of device which would prove especially beneficial in things like hunting as it could greatly improve the shot success when aimed at a target, meaning you will end up wasting less ammunition and can put the bullet where it should go without spoiling the game. Another target application for this device could be with virtual reality, with the use of better auto-correction and aiming it could prove beneficial in video games that utilize an aiming system based on kinetics of the user, which aren’t always precise but can be adjusted with said device. Guided Auto Correcting Target Aiming is a new device that allows detecting and tracking of targets with guided aiming to hit the target. It helps with aiming guidance for hitting the target using any kind of projectile, such as; bows, pistols, rifles, or shotguns for example. Inventors at UTSA have developed this new device by utilizing a camera that feeds visual signal for image processing, and processors that handle tracking and detection as well as guidance for aiming. A laser range finder and wind sensor will contribute to a feedback loop for auto correction, as well as a touch screen display and LED ring to display useful information to the user. Robert Graham (210) 458-8139

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