Highly Selective UV LED Based Cortisol Sensing – IP 1634

Cortisol,a steroid hormone is a known biomarker for various diseases and plays a significantrole in the regulation of numerous physiological processes such as bloodpressure, glucose levels, carbohydrate metabolism, and in maintenance ofhomeostasis of the cardiovascular, immune, renal and endocrine system. A majorvariation in the secretion range of the hormone has been related to thesustained and prolonged exposure to environmental triggers such as stress.Hence, cortisol is considered as the major stress hormone and therefore itsquantification leads to stress bio-marking. The state-of-the-art cortisoldetection techniques are mostly limited to the conventional laboratory-basedtechniques such as chromatography, radioimmunoassay, electrochemiluminescenceimmunoassay, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, surface plasmon resonance,quartz crystal microbalance and piezoelectric immunosensor. These laboratorytechniques are not only expensive, laborious and time-consuming, but also theyoften require complex systems, assay formation complexity, large sample volume,and time-consuming incubation and separation steps, which limit its applicationto point-of-care (POC) application. Although several electrochemicalimmunosensing platforms have been developed recently for POC cortisoldetection, they often require complex synthesis and fabrication steps involvingthe immobilizing matrix of high surface functionality, high biomolecule loadingand small resistance to electron transport. FIUinventors have developed a simple label-free, fast and cost-effective sensingabsorbance based optical detection technique for cortisol sensing using UVLEDs. The technology can be used in a variety of low-power electronics forwearable applications. The technology allows the incorporation of microfluidicsystems into the optical sensor for enhanced POC applications. The opticalsensor system can also be integrated with an appropriate specimen holder andperipheral electronics to be used with mobile electronic devices. Shantanu Balkundi sbalkund@fiu.edu 305-348-8061

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