I-DISC: Digital Initial Screening of Cognition – A virtual Tool for Screening for Cognitive Function

Michigan State University Background
When a person starts to experience memory loss and other forms of cognitive decline, it can be a stressful, uncertain, and trying time for everyone involved, from the patient to their family, friends, caretakers, and even healthcare professionals. Cognitive function may decline as a result of certain risk factors (e.g. hypertension, elevated cholesterol, cardiac arrhythmias). This cognitive decline in turn could adversely impact the physical functioning and quality of life of older adults. No matter what the cause of the cognitive decline, it’s important to quickly find out how an individual’s cognitive function is affected so that an appropriate treatment plan can be devised. RNA is a more time effective tool that is uniquely designed to screen for cognitive function.
Technology Overview
The overall aim of this technology is to provide a novel application designed to test cognitive function virtually by physicians and health care providers for screening for dementia. The tool is designed based on principles of neurocognitive functioning, similar to MoCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment) and MMSE (Mini Mental Status Exam). The tool is specifically designed to capture the unique benefits offered using the digital space which allows for early and repeated screening to identify early cognitive changes – the only phase were there are effective treatments and does not require proctors to facilitate the test, as with other cognitive tools.

It has a refined set of commands and algorithms to test the person’s deductive reasoning, executive functions, memory and recall functions.
It is platform-agnostic, that is, it can be used on mobile devices or other platforms.

Applications in testing of:

Short term memory 
Visuospatial abilities
Executive functions
Attention, concentration and working memory
Orientation to time and place

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