Identification of New Leads for Therapeutics RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase (Brady)

In the longer term, two heads of laboratory have innovative approaches to developing new inhibitors of the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, likely the key target for inhibiting viral replication. Chemist Sean Brady has pioneered the discovery of novel antibiotics made by bacteria in soil, using novel methods that do not require the isolation and culture of these bacteria. He has extended this work to the human microbiome, where he has shown that there are many novel nucleosides that are likely involved in inhibition of RNA and DNA polymerases made by different bacteria and viruses. These provide a large untapped source for identifying new leads for a potent and specific inhibitor of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA polymerase that can be tested in screening assays being developed by Charlie Rice. Sean Brady 212-327-8000

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