Inflatable Vaginal Stanched Pessary

National Sun Yat-sen University Background
Uterine prolapse is caused by pregnancy, long-term weight-bearing, and muscle/collagen loss after menopause. A woman has an 11% chance of undergoing surgery for prolapse. For different races and backgrounds, women have unlike vaginal sizes. In the past, doctors usually spend a lot of time on choosing the size, and the patients also spend a lot of money on buying the pessary to meet their needs. We invent one size pessary which is adjustable and suitable for every woman. It can be used to support the uterus and avoid organ exposure to maintain a good quality of life.
Technology Overview
Three-dimensional trapezoid: the structure is narrow outside and wide inside which is designed by women’s vaginal anatomy. Balloon: the silicone balloon is inflatable and suitable for most women. (, )
Further Details

The Inflatable Vaginal Stanched Pessary can be used to relieve the symptoms of a cystocele or rectocele as well as a second or third-degree uterine prolapse, and reduce vaginal bleeding.
Women with uterine prolapse or cystocele.
Technology transfer or Licensing.

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