Inkjet Printable Perovskite Solar Panels

Aalto University Background
Current solar panels are typically classic silicon based solar panels, solid black or dark blue in color, rectangular shaped, without any artistic patterning i.e. “ugly”. They also need relatively sophisticated production environment and therefore are expensive per m2.
Technology Overview
This technology is based on active layers PRINTED on glass or similar substrates. Being printable with the inkjet style method, the active layers can be patterned into any artistic or otherwise esthetic design. The process does not require a very clean production environment.
Inkjet printed perovskite panels can be patterned to match the architecture and be printed in a low cost freight container, right at the building site meaning simpler logistics and lower cost.
Building integrated photo voltaics, solar panels etc.
Looking for a party interested in commercializing this technology, including purchasing of related IPR.

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