Integrated Frequency-Locked Optical Whispering Evanescent Resonator (FLOWER) Bio-sensor (UA19-084)

This invention is a card-sized mini-computer called Raspberry Pi that acts as a data processing center and is a miniaturization of FLOWER (frequency locked optical whispering evanescent resonator) ? the current commercial frequency locking system. The size and weight of the system was reduced to be portable or mounted on a drone. This optical technology has remote sensingcapabilities that can be used in biomedical research for COVID-19.Background:FLOWER is a patented system which can measure low concentrations of biological and chemical molecules down to the single molecule limit. A limitation of FLOWER is its size: currently 4? x 6? in a lab. This invention miniaturizes FLOWER to make it lightweight and portable.Learn more at Anne Spieth 520-626-1577

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