Integrated Frequency-Locked Optical Whispering Evanescent Resonator (FLOWER) Bio-sensor

University of Arizona Background
FLOWER (frequency locked optical whispering evanescent resonator) is a currently patented system which can measure low concentrations of biological and chemical molecules down to the single molecule limit. Although FLOWER is able to sense low concentrations of molecules, it occupies a large footprint and currently fits on a 4’ x 6’ optical table in the lab. This invention miniaturizes FLOWER, making it lightweight and portable.
Technology Overview
Raspberry Pi is a card-sized mini-computer that acts as a data processing center that replaces the prior commercial frequency locking system. It greatly reduces the size and the weight of the FLOWER system, making it possible for the FLOWER system to be carried by people or mounted on a drone.

More portable
Higher processing capability
Ability to connect to the internet
Ability to share data


An instrument to detect individual biomedical nanoparticles
Remote sensing capabilities


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