Intraoperative Guidance System for Brain Tumor Surgery – IP 1322

Florida International University inventors created a methodologyto detect tumors primarily in pediatric patients. A combined point-detectionand imaging system device is utilized to detect brain tumors and their marginsto high accuracy based on distinct morphological, biochemical, andphysiological attributes to reduce the elimination of healthy brain tissue andmaximize the removal of tumor cells. Utilization of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy using longwavelength light is effective in differentiating between tumors and normalbrain tissue. Preliminary in vivo studies show that adding regional hemodynamiccharacteristics improved on differentiability. This enhancement in brain tumordetection will improve patient prognoses and reduce financial and emotionalstrain experienced by both the patients and their families. Current technologies for establishing tumor borders areeither not sensitive enough and result in tumor cells being left behind or areexpensive and difficult to implement. Due to these limitations, neurosurgeonswill often rely on subjective, inaccurate visual inspection. This technologywould be an addition to existing microscopes used for neurosurgery. Shantanu Balkundi 305-348-8061

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