L-BAIBA metabolic effects on the Musculoskeletal System

β-aminoisobutyric Acid, BAIBA, as a racemic mixture has been shown to have beneficial metabolic effects. The L enantiomer, L-BAIBA, is a muscle metabolite produced during exercise from valine and D-BAIBA is produced by liver and kidneys from thymine. Research at Indiana University had shown that the L-BAIBA was 100-1000 fold more potent than the D form in preventing osteocyte cell death. Those studies also showed the L-BAIBA reduced both bone and muscle loss during hind limb unloading studies. Recent studies have shown that L-BAIBA synergizes with sup-optimal anabolic load to induce bone formation. This research is the first to directly compare the effects of purified L and D-BAIBA and show that L-BAIBA has positive effects on bone and muscle mass. D-BAIBA has distinctly different effects from L-BAIBA on bone and muscle, some appear negative. Tyson Rugenstein trugenst@iu.edu 317-278-1916

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