Label-Free Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Detection (UA18-063)

This invention incorporates FLOWER (a label-free, patented biological and chemical sensing system) with dual-frequency comb spectroscopy for molecular detection andidentification. The inventors have improved the signal-to-noise ratio of these measurements more than 1,000 times using frequency locking feedback control in combination with innovative data processing techniques. This optical technology has remote sensing capabilities that can be used in biomedical research for COVID-19.Background:FLOWER is the acronym for a label-free, patented system known as a Frequency Locked Optical Whispering Evanescent Resonator that integrates microtoroid optical resonators with frequency locking feedback control, which aids the suppression of noise. Light is evanescently coupled into the microtoroid using an optical fiber. As particles bind, the resonance frequency of the microtoroid changes, enabling sensitive detection of binding events with resolution down to the macromolecule level and signal-to-noise ratio of 5.Learn more at Anne Spieth 520-626-1577

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