LCSB Metabolomics Platform

University of Luxembourg Technology Overview
The LCSB Metabolomics Platform is specialized in developing and applying mass spectrometry-based comprehensive analysis methods of small molecules in complex biological matrices. This platform works with national and international partners from academia and industry to help them reach their research goals. To address the needs in this fast-changing field, this platform continuously develops new analytical and tailor-made methods in response to upcoming biological and biomedical questions.
This highly-qualified team works closely with customers to design and develop solutions, based on a well-equipped platform and a precise and reliable data generation. The team can guide the customer to find the best suitable method and experimental design to efficiently extract maximally informative results:
Services offered

Quantitative LC-MS and GC-MS Metabolic profiling (Relative/absolute quantification of target compounds)
Customized quantitative LC-MS and GC-MS (incl. method development) Tailor-made methods for specific biological questions
Untargeted GC-MS analyses (biomarker discovery, hypothesis-free approach) Discovery-based relative quantification of known and unknown compounds
Structure elucidation (LC-MS/MS) Determining the sum formula and structure of an unknown compound
Stable isotope assisted metabolomics (GC-MS) Metabolic flux analysis and pathway discovery
High-abundance metabolite analysis by Biochemistry analyser Precise absolute quantification of selected compounds

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