Low Profile Catheter System

UT Health San Antonio Background
Many patients need long term drainage, the long portion of the tube external creates a lot of discomfort and is a constant reminder of the chronic condition. The current fixation system for drains are associated with a high incidence of catheter dislodgment and internal migration. One of the most common clinical issues that percutaneous catheterization presents is catheter migration and accidental removal, which can cause both internal and external trauma to the patient, increase the chance of infection, and necessitate further procedures to be performed.
Technology Overview
This invention is a device for externally fixing a pigtail drainage catheter (and its fixation threads if necessary) in a more ergonomic, convenient, and comfortable manner. The device will maintain a low profile on the patient’s body which will reduce the chance of the device snagging and migrating, as well being less conspicuous to the patient. The invention includes three varying methods for attaching the device to a catheter, including two methods for patients that already have an existing catheter inserted. In addition, the design allows for conversion of standard feeding tubes to lower profile feeding tubes.
This variety of catheter, for percutaneous drainage procedures, has usage in treating a wide variety of indications.

Lower risk of catheter dislodgement
Improved patient comfort
Prevents internal migration
Allow clinician to more easily flush or connect catheter to a drainage bag
Design allows for easier cleaning at the entry site

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