Magneto-Elasto-Electroporation (MEEP)

Electroporation is a practiced and well-defined phenomenon which has been been employed for over a decade for DNA or gene transfection, protein insertion, and cell fusion. It enhances the uptake of metallic nano-particle or improved drug delivery. This process has always proven to be very tedious and often resulted in experimental failure. Dr. Ruyan Guo and her team at UTSA have developed a solution in the form of a new process referred to as Magneto-Elasto-Electroporation (MEEP) which is defined to be a magnetically controlled elasto-electroporation phenomenon that is observed while core-shell Magneto-electric nanoparticles interact with biological cells in the presence of an AC Magnetic field. This process does not require a high electric field strength or MRI coils which are bulky and expensive. Andrei Zorilescu (210) 458-8139

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