Method For Capturing Carbon Dioxide While Producing Hydrogen Gas – IP 1207

Most of the available techniques for CO2 capture aresolvent-based and suffer inherit limitations and impediments. The existingtechnologies are unfavorable due to high raw material cost, severe energypenalty costs, requirement for several pretreatment steps prior to carbonationprocess, corrosiveness, and fast degradation of the sorbent. Researchers at FIU have proposed a new method able to bypassthese limitations for carbon capture by using sorbent, which is readilyaccessible at any iron and steel industries. The suggested process is also easyto retrofit and thus does not require any severe modifications to theconventional system. The proposed process generates hydrogen and CO2. Carbondioxide can either be utilized or sequestered by using the existingtechnologies. This process functions by selectively capturing CO2 from theblast furnace gas. The sorbents that can be used for the capture process can beutilized for a large number of cycles. Once the capture capacity of thesorbents degrades, the sorbent can be used in further processing. For example,the sorbents can be processed in a blast furnace for the production of iron orsteel. Thus, the proposed method can advantageously reduce or even eliminatethe loss of raw materials. This system and method can be more thermodynamicallyfavorable and thus can save energy. Shantanu Balkundi 305-348-8061

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