Methods To Improve Surface Plasmon Resonance Analysis – IP 1604

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)is an affinity based, label-free biophysical technique for the analysis ofbiomolecular interactions, including the determination of the kineticparameters. To enable a better understanding of the interactions taking place,better predictions and analysis, as well as reduced computing resources, it iscrucial to obtain accurate models and rate constants. Several attempts havebeen reported in order to enhance the resolution of SPR systems. However, there is no clear andstraightforward procedure to choose and analyze the appropriate biphasic SPRdata. FIU inventors have developed newmethods of analyzing the biphasic SPR data using the three commonly employedbiphasic models. The methods are based on a general analytical solution of thebiphasic rate equations, which is much more transparent and straightforwardthan the highly non-linear numerical integration approach. This method can beused to determine the underlying biphasic interaction mechanism from theanalysis of the SPR data, and extract the rate constants with high confidencelevels. Anne Laure Schmitt Olivier 305-348-5948

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