Microextraction Capsule – IP 1508

The microextraction capsule (MEC) is capable of extracting target analyte(s)directly from unaltered sample matrices of biological, chemical, environmental,food, pharmaceutical, toxicological, and forensic significance containing highvolume of matrix interferents without requiring any sample clean-up approachesprior to the extraction of the target analyte(s). Due to the high loading ofthe extraction sorbent, MEC is capable of handling direct extraction from abroad range of concentrations of the analyte(s). The sponge-like porousarchitecture of the sol-gel hybrid inorganic-organic sorbents used in MECresults in the achievement of very fast extraction equilibrium. MEC utilizes aporous membrane to enclose sol-gel derived high efficiency extraction sorbentsthat works as a filter to safeguard the integrity of the sorbent and topermeate the aqueous solution through it for rapid sorbent-analyte interaction. The porous membrane also houses a small magnet in order to rotate the device ata set speed under the magnetic field and significantly enhances the masstransfer kinetic between the sample and the micro extraction capsule. Theelution process of extracted analytes can be carried out by exposing the MEC tohigh temperatures in a thermal desorption unit followed by purging the releasedanalytes into the gas chromatography inlet by carrier gas flow or by exposingthe MEC to a small volume of organic solvent to back-extract the analyte whichcan be injected into gas chromatography or liquid chromatography for detectionand quantification. Anne Laure Schmitt Olivier aschmitt@fiu.edu 305-348-5948

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