MS method for detecting drug resistant microorganisms

Microbial resistance to drugs is a growing problem that poses a serious threat to the healthcare system worldwide, whose impact is reflected in the increasing morbidity and mortality observed in patients suffering infectious diseases. Current techniques for determining microbial resistance to drugs are slow, inaccurate and biased. Therefore, the development of a fast and reliable method to not only detect resistance, but also to identify its type and degree, is crucial to avoid generation of further antimicrobial resistance and to develop effective antimicrobial therapies. This invention relates to a fast and reliable method to determine drug resistance in microbes. The method relates to measuring the drug resistance conferring protein by mass spectrometry. The mass spectrum acquired provides information whether an drug resistance conferring protein is present and information on the type of drug resistance conferring protein, on mutations of the drug resistance conferring protein as well as on the expression level of this protein. Siyar Kisin +31 10 703 79 13

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