Novel Age-Hardenable Magnesium Alloy – IP 1526

Current benchmark magnesium alloys,such as the Mg-Al family, are thermally unstable at temperatures over 125 °C.The currently available alternative for elevated temperature applications isMg-AE42, which can be used for temperatures up to 170 °C, above which there isan abrupt degradation of creep resistance. The price range for Mg-AE42 isextremely high. This invention uses an Mg-Sn alloy system, which can be usedfor elevated temperature applications higher than the currently availableMg-AE42 without compromising the mechanical strength at an affordable price.The novel alloy family can be made from available natural resources within theUnited States while offering improved mechanical properties and corrosion andcreep resistance at half the cost of commercially available alloys. Shantanu Balkundi 305-348-8061

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