Novel Approaches for Rapid, Self-Administered, Computer-based Vision Diagnostics

Northeastern University Background
Vision assessment is a critical step that quantifies functional deficits in the visual system. It is essential for diagnosis and management of vision changes, and for treatment and monitoring of diseases of the eyes and along the visual pathway including the brain. Current vision assessment tools are often lengthy, require an abundance of resources and staff, and burden patients with learning new, and often complicated, skills. The results of these tests are too coarse to detect gradual changes of vision. Additionally, current vision diagnostics examine only a fraction of the human visual functions that are important for comprehensive health and wellness assessment.
Technology Overview
Northeastern spinout, PerZeption, is developing visual assessment tools capable of generating significantly more accurate results in a fraction of the time. They have created an easily adaptable computer-based platform, with the ability to test various vision functionalities with an easy-to-use protocol. These tests are self-administered, and due to their simplicity and rapid testing, an examiner can administer novel visual functions within a single session or measure the key functions in a fraction of the time, thereby increasing the productivity. The results are generated instantly and do not require further labor to be generated. This drastically lessens the burden of resources required by medical professionals and facilitates patient participation. These dynamic platforms have multiple applications including the screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of ophthalmic diseases (e.g., macular degeneration, cataract, glaucoma), neuro-ophthalmic disorders (e.g., amblyopia, traumatic brain injury) and optometric/ophthalmic correction (e.g., refraction). Differences in visual perception compared to neurotypical people may also occur in people with mental health conditions such as ADHD, autism, or depression, which can be also quantified with these tests.

Tests are rapid, self-administered, and user-friendly
AI-guided algorithms adapt to user’s performance, generating high precision results instantly
Measures visual functions for which no commercial products exist
Reduces labor and associated costs while increasing productivity


Screening, diagnosing, and monitoring of ophthalmic and neuro-ophthalmic diseases and conditions
Optometric and ophthalmic corrections
Assessment tool for therapeutics
Neuroscientific research tool

PerZeption is seeking collaborations with prospective industry partners. Additionally, PerZeption is seeking early-stage investment.

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