Novel Patient Containment Device (Jared T. Staab, John D. Nachtigal, Brigid Flynn, Timothy Krause, Brent Barta)

The Novel Patient Containment Device (NPCD) is portable, affordable, and disposable single-patient negative pressure enclosure with pathogen filtration attachment created to mitigate aerosolization and improve patient and healthcare personnel safety. The NPCD provides a safer environment for healthcare providers within the immediate proximity of the aerosolization hazards, such as COVID-19 aerosols and droplets.Overview: Healthcare workers take many precautions to prevent being infected by a patient with a respiratory infection, frequently by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Aerosolization and droplet spread of pathogens accounts for transmission to persons providing assistance in forms of airway management, invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedure and other necessary elements of patient care. Additionally, aerosolized and droplets eventually settle and contaminate surfaces, sometimes for days, compounding the spread. Healthcare providers and first responders can be in harm’s way, while treating people with communicable diseases. The NPCD under negative pressure environment can allow for procedures on a single patient without risking aerosolization. Aswini Betha 785-864-1775

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